Levi Pata solo exhibition "Continuous Gunfire and Greek Music"

Our current exhibition, Levi Pata solo exhibition "Continuous Gunfire and Greek Music" has been appreciated by many visitors since the opening in the end of last month. The title "Continuous Gunfire and Greek Music"came from one scene of the movie "The Godfather", which, to Levi, seemed symbolise both negative and positive sides of human being. As if suggesting uneasiness in one hand and happiness in the other, they are also symbolising Levi's everyday life in Tokyo.

Bringing out contradictions lying underneath all of us - although which seamlessly fused together-, Levi's fresh sensibility is lively represented in this exhibition.


This exhibition is finishing this Saturday.

Levi Pata
"Continuous Gunfire and Greek Music"
25 Feb (Fri) - 12 Mar (Sat), 2011
12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Sunday
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Ant Parnass photo exhibition "FAR AWAY FROM (HERE)"

FOIL GALLERY is currently showing solo exhibition of Israeli photographer,
Anat Parnass "FAR AWAY FROM (HERE)".

In this exhibition, photographs taken in Japan and Israel
have been showed in a line.

5 years since Anat Parnass has moved to Tokyo - the daily life of
the two countries through the artist's view, ordinary but far different from
what we'd expect from the name of "Israel" is captured in the photographs.
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FOIL GALLERY "Yashiki" finishing this week

FOIL GALLERY's 2011 has started with Shigekazu Onuma
photo exhibition "Yashiki".
Although Onuma's photographs in "Yashiki" exhibitions are all taken
in his neighborhood, a moment of everyday life, they are at the same time
uncannily unfamiliar. This may because what the photograph actually
capture is something inhabiting in the everyday scenery,
succeeding memories from old times.

This show is finishing in this weekend.

Self Published, limited edition book (with original print) is also available during this show.

127 × 180 mm / ¥15,000 (ex tax)
Hard Cover / 16 pages / Limited 100 copies

Shigekazu Onuma "Yashiki"
14th - 29th January, 2011
12:00 - 19:00 Closed on Sunday
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New York Art Book Fair

Publisher FOIL is going to participate in the New York Art Book Fair,
held at MoMA PS1, from 5th to 7th November.
From Ceramic Works, the latest book of Nara Yoshitomo, who's solo show
currently held at Asia Society New York has been greatly acclaimed,
to Rinko Kawauchi's signed copies, selected books will be on sale at the FOIL booth.
FOIL's director will be presence, so those who want to submit your portfolio and hear his reviews are welcome to come and see him at the booth.
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Syoin Kajii solo exhibition "KAWA"

Syoin Kajii's new series "KAWA" (river) has been presented in his solo exhibition held at our gallery. Syoin Kajii has established his career as a photographer with his phenomenal series of "NAMI" (wave). Keeping the dynamic of the "NAMI",
in this series he also challenges new possibility in its one-direction, calm moves of streams. The rather abstract, geometrical beauty of water reveals the sublime figure of rivers.
This show runs until Saturday, 16th October.


Syoin Kajii solo exhibition "KAWA"
17 Sep (Fri) - 16 Oct (Sat), 2010
12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Sunday and National Holiday
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