Rinko Kawwauchi's exhibition in Brussels is finishing in 2 weeks!

Rinko Kawauchi's major solo exhibitions simultaneously held in Brussels have welcomed many people so far since its opening in February.

Here some installation views of Argos has arrived at FOIL GALLERY to share
the lively atmosphere.


Her latest works are also on view at Meessen De Clercq.

Please visit these two venues before you miss such a great opportunity to see
Rinko's both retrospective as well as very latest work at same time!

"Rinko Kawauchi: Transient Wonders, Everyday Bliss
- Photography, Video & Slides 2001-2009"
2 Feb. - 27 Mar. 2010
at ARGOS Center for Art & Media, Brussels

29 Jan. - 26 Mar. 2010
at Meessen De Clercq, Brussels
by foiltokyoeg | 2010-03-17 12:20 | FOIL GALLERY

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