Levi Pata solo exhibition "Continuous Gunfire and Greek Music"

Our current exhibition, Levi Pata solo exhibition "Continuous Gunfire and Greek Music" has been appreciated by many visitors since the opening in the end of last month. The title "Continuous Gunfire and Greek Music"came from one scene of the movie "The Godfather", which, to Levi, seemed symbolise both negative and positive sides of human being. As if suggesting uneasiness in one hand and happiness in the other, they are also symbolising Levi's everyday life in Tokyo.

Bringing out contradictions lying underneath all of us - although which seamlessly fused together-, Levi's fresh sensibility is lively represented in this exhibition.


This exhibition is finishing this Saturday.

Levi Pata
"Continuous Gunfire and Greek Music"
25 Feb (Fri) - 12 Mar (Sat), 2011
12:00 - 19:00
Closed on Sunday
by foiltokyoeg | 2011-03-09 16:42 | FOIL GALLERY

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