Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2009 is finishing in a few days...
Hope 2009 was the great year for you all.

FOIL will be closed for holiday from tomorrow till 4th, January.
(Book's order during the period will be arranged on the 5th!)

Untill then... Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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Online Shopping is Renewed!!

FOIL's online shopping is renewed and now credit card payment is accepted!
Automatically calculated including the shipping costs, this enables you shopping with easy payment and fastest delivery (3 working days at earliest) of
all the FOIL's books!


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Risa Sato "Kohachi" exhibition

Risa Sato's solo exhibition has favorably got the popularity since its opening
on the 4th this month.

5 years from the last exhibition and having experienced with the participation
in the project for Expo Aichi 2005 (see the past entry here),
this exhibition unfolds a grand story of "Kohachi", Risa Sato's featured character,
from its birth in the dark to the last moment in the light.
With drawing and painting works and toms-like sculpture (huge!),
the plenty of "Kohachi" characters is wandering in the gallery space.

This show will run until christmas day, 25th (fri) December, 2009.
Original "kohachi" goods (T-shirts, key chains etc) are also on sale
at the gallery with limited availability.

Risa Sato solo exhibition "KOHACHI - the darkness sleeps in the light-"
4th (Fri) - 25th (Fri) December, 2009
12:00 - 19:00 / Closed on Sunday


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Rinko Kawauchi's exhibitions this year!

Our gallery artist, Rinko Kawauchi has received the People's Honor Award
from her hometwon, Shiga Prefecture, for her career
as contemporary photography artist.
At the hometown, Shiga prefecture, her new museum show after 1 year interval
is also held at Borderless Art Museum NO-MA (only in Japanese) until 7th March, 2010.

In addition to the museum show, her works is widely featured in the latest photography magazine Photographica (including new works!)!

Here's also some pictures from the show at Mountain Fold GalleryRinko had in NY
which finished last month for you, to share the installation view.



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Masako Suzuki ZOO-M

Great apology for not uploading the news on
Masako Suzuki solo exhibition "ZOO-M"!

This show, the artist's second solo show at FOIL GALLERY,
run through 6th - 28th November, did go really great.
Although she is young artists who debuted last year, the minutely drawn,
immensely built universe of Suzuki's works fascinated great number of visitors,
both first-time viewers as well as the fans from the last year's exhibition.

Her same titled first collection book "ZOO-M" is also well received
- we have also brought some for Paris Photo venue to introduce to the audience
in the Europe, but all the books were sold out there!

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