Hiroko Inoue @ apmg, Aya Saito @ epSITE

Since the publication, the photo book Inside-Out by Hiroko Inoue
has been featured in variety of news papers and magazines.
Now, her second solo show this year is held at apmg in Musashino Art Unversity.

Hiroko Inoue "Inside-Out - for 1 and 0"
13 June - 26 June, 2009
11:00 - 18:00
(Closed on the 21st)
@ apmg, Musashino Art University
1-736 Ogawamachi, Kodaira, 187-8505, Tokyo

Aya Saito is also participating in a group show "on the road collaboration with
8 creators" , organized by Daido Moriyama.
Her irrational, energetic works stand out prominently among others!

Daido Moriyama "on the road collaboration with 8 creators"
27 May - 4 July, 2009
10:30 - 18:00 Closed on Sunday
@ epSITE
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Miyako Kanamori "nui-gurumi"

Miyako Kanamori solo exhibition "nui-gurumi" started last friday,
to accompany the launch of the same titled book "nui-gurumi".

Almost all of the works were sold on the opening day, but it is worthing visiting
and see the real works here- their indescribably adorable appearance
will awaken childlike innocence hidden deeply in you and work off your
accumulated fatigue from daily works!


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nui-gurumi starts!

FOIL GALLERY's new exhibition "nui-gurumi" by Miyako Kanamori started today.

The same titled book "nui-gurumi" will be also available in a few days.
The members of nui-gurumi dolls have been to some book stores to promote it..!


Here they come!

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Rinko Kawauchi "pause" finishing this week!

Rinko Kawauchi's solo exhibition at Gallery Trax is finally finishing
in this weekend, 31st Sun.

Although the day we FOIL's staff went there was raining unfortunately,
we still enjoy the particularly soft atmospher this ex-nursery-school gallery
located in a small village in a mountain valley has, mixed with the brilliance
the new works by Rinko Kawauchi release.


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"Cave" Artist Talk & T-shirt

As the 2nd event accompanying the launching of the book "Cave",
we organized the talk show of the artist, Jun Tsunoda with Michiko Kitamura,
one of the most influential fashion stylists in Japan, and Tomoo Gokita, artist, on the 16th May at Aoyama Book Center, Tokyo.

Starting from the story how they met each other and commenting on
Jun Tsunoda's works with slideshow, in the talk, although they are working on
the different field of work, we could hear how those three share the same
approach towards their own work, and have been carrying out their own
original intention - it explained a lot why they keep standing in
the very front of the field.
We are so sure that this event became a fruitful opportunity for all the audience,
but above all, we all were overwhelmed by the energetic and sparkling power
Michiko Kitamura has!


Moreover, we have just started to make the original T-shirt of "Cave"
available at FOIL GALLERY.

This hand made T-shirt by Jun Tsunoda is all unique, each has different print on it.
Each piece is editioned 1/1!
Please inquire to FOIL GALLERY for the available T-shirt.
This is a special limited-edition sale!


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